Ian QUIGLEY - Coordinator of ITL Institute for Czechia

Intercultural People Management Trainer, Business Language and Presentation Coach

Hi everyone. My name is Ian and I am a Citizen of the World, who just happens to have been born in the Irish Republic. I set out on my global pilgrimage over 30 years ago, and still have not stopped discovering new things about my neighbours from all around our beautiful blue planet. In my time I have been to almost every EU Member State, as well as Turkey, Russia, and Israel [where I was a Kibbutz Volunteer from November 1988 - January 1989]. From November 1990 to the present I have been living and teaching [9 years at second level, and the past 18 years at tertiary level] in Prague.

In my 30’s I decided to ‘formalise’ my education, so I completed my BA degree at 32; my LL.B at 38 and LL.M at 45. My subject specialisations are Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Human Resources Management. In addition, I am a freelance Intercultural People Management Trainer, Business Language and Presentation Coach.
If there is one important thing that I have taken from my international experience; and which I endeavour to pass on to my students; is this: we have so much to learn from, as well as to share with, our neighbours from other cultural backgrounds, so let us embrace the ‘’other’’. Indeed, we would be most ill-advised to do otherwise!