Our Erasmus+ Projects



The "Don't Ignore Me!" project was conceived with the aim of addressing several crucial areas within the context of school education and social integration of individuals with disabilities. Our primary objectives and topics were carefully chosen to align with the Erasmus+ Programme’s policy priorities, specifically focusing on:

Tackling Learning Disadvantages: Our project specifically aimed to enhance the educational experience and social integration of students with disabilities by implementing activities that foster inclusion and understanding in educational settings.

Supporting Teaching Professions: Through workshops, seminars, and training sessions, the project equipped educators with the necessary tools and knowledge to better support students with disabilities, thereby enhancing the educational support system.
Development of Key Competences: The project focused on developing key social and emotional competencies among students, educators, and the wider community, promoting a more inclusive and empathetic approach towards individuals with disabilities.


Digital Active ,Innovating Activities in Interculturality and Social Youth


This Youth Exchange programme is organized to bring together participants from the partner countries: Italy, Czechia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia. Every partner participated with 8 people (6 youth and 2 team leaders). This Youth Exchange programme is based on formal, non-formal and informal strategies. 



Mult-LIT is a project that focuses on the integration of young refugees with an innovative methodology, with a partnership structure consisting of Turkey, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and France under the coordination of Estonia.
MULT-LIT focuses on empowering youth workers, leaders, and trainers in the field of Multimodal Literacy, and plans to use Multimodal Literacy as a new methodological tool in the integration of young refugees. Ensuring the integration of Young Refugees into European society, schools and the business world is among the priorities of the European Commission. Education is the right of every individual and the MULT-LIT project, which embraces this mission, made this application to present the right to education in the field of Multimodal Literacy to young refugees, which is one of the most important skills of the 21st century.
Each of the members of the consortium is aware of the benefits of Multimodal literacy skills and they want to strengthen their competence and experience in this field to provide learners and young refugees with these skills at the maximum level

We want to produce project results in order to bring Multimodal Literacy skills to the target audience to the most innovative methodology by using the values of media Literacy, creative drama, and digital storytelling. These innovative results are products that meet the needs of both consortium members and young people exposed to multiple messages in the multimodal world.

-With the participation of trainers and youth workers from partner organizations, one International Piloting Joint Staff 
-With the participation of young people from partner countries, One International Piloting Blended Mobility of Young Refugees 
- Local activities with the participation of 20 young refugees per country 
-Local seminars will be organized in each partner country with the participation of 10 youth workers/trainers 
-With the participation of 20 individuals among the general public, targeted young refugees and stakeholders per event, one multiplier event

Result1: Youth Work Ensuring the Integration of Young Refugees Training Course Format
Result2: Multimodal Literacy Tool Kit
Result3: “Integration by Multimodal Literacy” Web Platform