About Us


“Educademy Prague“ is an organization, founded in Czechia by a group of experienced people. It aims to be a sustainable leading organization on the local and regional level, a reliable partner in the creation and the implementation of educational policies along with all key stakeholders. Educademy provides its expertise and assistance to enable local communities to overcome social and economic disparities of disadvantaged social groups by developing specific and innovative actions. Educademy constitutes of several professionals such as psychologists, social workers, teachers and other associates that contribute towards achieving the organisation’s main objectives.

The main objectives of Educademy are;

  • Support and encourage young women, young people with fewer resources, and the fight against the NEET problem
  • Provide local and international activities for social and personal competences development
  • Promote active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and intercultural awareness;
  • Contribute to preserving or restoring environmental quality for sustainable future
  • Undertake activities and actions in the field of Sustainable Development
  • Give transversal skills based on Global Education principles in order to equip our target groups with activism for their work for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ensure the integration of disadvantaged groups such as immigrants and disabled people into society
  • Encourage intercultural dialog with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and respect among people from different cultures
  • Sustain the right to quality education and training for all, through an appealing curriculum and innovative strategies which merge together formal and non-formal methods

Educademy has expert trainers, teachers, youth workers and leaders to ensure the realization of these goals and support initiatives in line with these goals. Also, Educademy has a wide network across Europe to take an active role in national and international research and education projects.

Educademy`s VISION is to promote equality, and respect for all human beings, fight against discrimination and give value to diversity.

Educademy`s MISSION is to promote sustainable development through education, and international collaboration.

Our Team Of Teacher Trainers

Ofelia MANCAS Educational Consultant

BA - English Language and Literature
MA – Communication and Language Science
Speaking assessor for Cambridge YLEs Suite of Exams

Katarina BARICIC

Master's Degree in English and Croatian language and literature, University of Split, Croatia


Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Technologies in Education.

Sorina Monica ANDREI

CELTA Cambridge teacher; Master's Degree in Corporate Communication, Bachelor's degree in English language and literature, University of Bucharest, Romania.


Bachelor's degree in Pedagogic and Metodic of Technical Education, Master's Degree in Science in Industrial Engineering


Bachelor's in Special Education Teaching & Master's Degree in Educational Administration, Inspection and Planning.

Sanda-Daniela ALEXEICIUC

Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Political Studies, Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratization, PhD in Political Science and Sociology


Bachelor's degree & PhD in Law - Sakharov Fellow of Human Rights Program at Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


Bachelor's & Master’s degree in English Language and Literature


Teacher trainer and educational consultant, CELTA, DELTA and CELT-P/S tutor, Oxford Teachers’ Academy trainer,

Satya Nooka Rajeev Mylapalli

Electronics and Communication Engineering
He is working on various learning modules at Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary
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