Sanda Daniela ALEXEICIUC


Bachelor's degree in  International Relations and Political Studies, Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratization, PhD in Political Science and Sociology 

I been involved as trainer for different Erasmus+ projects supported by European Commission as well Trainer for the Youth Department of Council of Europe in Budapest and Strasburg. Working as an international trainer with more than 30 non-governmental organizations all over the world from Kenya and Britain to Sweden and Brazil, I tried to develop an ability to think globally and to operate locally in a successful way, appreciating cultural variety and promoting dialogue in a network of adherents and working with non-violence and non-formal education. This experience has seriously promoted my intellectual growth, clearing up deep understanding of existing problems and developing skills of critical thinking.
I had conducted a lot of speaking engagements in different topics. Sometimes I serve  as trainer and expert in this issues like human rights, simulation games, literature, non-violence, ICT, arts and media for Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Justice and UN agencies: GFATM, UNICEF, WHO, UNIFEM, WB, UNAIDS, and other organizations working like Peace Corps,  Red Cross, SIDA, (national and international NGOs). I made my MA in Human rights and Democratization and at the moment I created my Association NAMOI  in Russia where we work with young lawyers and youth workers. 

As international trainer I am experienced in supporting employability of young people, social inclusion, supporting youth in NEET,  human rights, online journalism, peace building. In Y-Peer UNFPA as Focal Point I was experienced in such topics like promotion of the healthy lifestyle and of the SRHR as a part of the broadcast (radio programme) “Forţa Junimii: When everyone counts” at the national radio Moldova; the articles writing for the informative bulletin “Fara Tabu” and for the elaboration and publication (editing) of the informative prospectus, booklets. In World Bank Youth Voice Group as Youth Coordinator and trainer I was experienced in intercultural dialogue, non-violence and peace. In National Youth Council of Moldova CNTM I was extremely contributed my growth as national trainer in media, social entrepreneurship and unemployment. I been trainer as well for GYAC International Voices Against Corruption ,CDN International Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe and You-Act European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights.
I really enjoy being a Teacher Trainer in the courses, organised by INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & LEARNING INSTITUTE and I think this is a great opportunity. 

Sanda-Daniela ALEXEICIUC