Terms & Conditions

Course fee, financial arrangements and other technical issues
Course fee is fixed – it is 80 Euro per course day for one participant. The total amount of the course fee depend on the number of days of training course; if the length of your mobility is 10 days, the course fee will be 800 Euro, for 5 days it will be 400 Euro, etc. For the course fee the participants will get the following: conference hall rental with audio-visual equipment (projector, Wi-Fi availability), tuition fee (trainer who previously prepared the topic, and will be at disposal to the participants during the course duration), coffee breaks, course materials (hard and soft copies), sightseeing activities (for one or two days, depending on agreements participants’ wishes, administrations costs, expenses for the trainer, expenses of school visit).
Regarding sightseeing tour/s, they are included only to courses with a duration of 6 or more days. If the course duration is more than 6 days, sightseeing activities are cultural part of the programme. Any additional optional expenses (meals during cultural visits, etc.) participants will cover themselves. Participants/grant holders will get the funding for paying the course fee along with other expenses (for accommodation, plane tickets and daily expenses) from European Union. 
Organisers of the course are not due to find accommodation for participants, but will give advice or recommendation if necessary. Course fee should be paid either via bank transfer of in cash. Organisation offers no refund for participants’ cancellation within 3 weeks of arrival date.